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C / Z Channel Making Machines Price

Submitted by rollformingmachine on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 09:15
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   C / Z Channel Making Machines Price
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C&Z This kind of machine can produce C, Z two profiles, through the exchange side of the roller up and down position to achieve C, Z purlin conversion, just need about half an hour to achieve saving time; This machine also can automatically adjust roller horizontal distance to achieve C or Z purlins of the width with high precision, but also save time to increase production. Techical description: 1)Decoiler Decoiler Type: Manual decoiler Weight capacity of decoiler: 5.0T Inner diameter: 350-550mm Outer diameter: 1200mm 2)Feeding and Leveling Device It used for making the material flat before feeding into the roll forming machine. Roller: 7rollers, 4up, 5down 3)Rolling Forming System It can change C Z shape automaticly and different size you just input data in PLC. Main motor power: 11KW Speed of forming: 8-12m/min Material of roller: 45# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC55-60° Roller: 15 groups rollers Material of main shaft: High grade No. 45 steel after treatment Diameter of main shaft: ? 80mm Driven: 1''chain 4) Hydraulic Punching & Cutting Punching Type: Hydraulic Punching Punching material: Cr12 steel after treatment Punching die: Cr12 steel after treament Cutting material: Cr12 steel after treatment Hydraulic motor power: 5.5KW 5)Control system Type: PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen PLC Brand: Japan Panasonic Encoder Brand: Omron Length Error: ± 2mm Main features of C Z purlin roll forming machine The advantages of CZ purlin machine AUTOMATIC size-change type are as follows: 1.Produce different purlin size without changing rollers or spacers. 2.Easy operation, low maintenance cost 3.Infinite sizing(any size within machine range),help to save material 4.Optional Punch hole at any position of purlin web side and flange side Technical parameter of product line A pplied plank stuff:color armor plate Applied slab thickness:1.8mm-3.5mm Line speed:16-18m/min Roll diameter:80mm Hydraulic automatic uncoile Dimension:11.5m*1.9m*1.4m Weight:5t Power:4kw Hydraulic station power:4kw Processing flow: decoiling----loading----molding----cutting----off-discharging Equipment parts steel strip supporting frame Feeding platform Automatic shearing system Hydraulic system Steel strip unfolding system Computer control system (imported computer) High-precision automatic counter Receiving table Optional equipment Hydraulic automatic uncoiler Working space and workman for the equipment: 1. Ground-level land 2. ≥5T overhead travelling crane 3. Space for storing the material 4. Space for laying the machine 5. Road for vehicle moving 6. Workman: 2, operator and porter
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