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Cooperation Quick assembly system for luminaires

Submitted by FrankenMedia on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 21:48
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   Cooperation Quick assembly system for luminaires
   FastMountingLampSystem / ActiveInstallationSystem
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After many studies and trials, I have developed a quick mounting system for ceiling and wall luminaires. This allows mechanical assembly and electrical connection in one step and without tools. Here a short description of the quick mounting system for ceiling and wall luminaires: This makes a tool-free assembly (mechanical and electrical) of e.g. Ceiling, pendant and wall luminaires, as well as the turning of the luminaires after their assembly, possible. This system is supplemented, among other things, by integrated safety and function switches, which enable a flexible lighting installation, as well as the protection of the user. Furthermore, in recent months, the system has been enabled by additional modules, e.g. Bluetooth speakers, webcam, etc., and an active installation system has been created. A unique feature of the system is that all components can be exchanged without tools. That It is also possible to provide a ceiling or wall light, e.g. by a loudspeaker or fire detector. In a restaurant, e.g. the lamps fixed above the tables. If you turn the tables, the lights still hang where there are no more tables. With this system, you can easily change the light and loudspeaker. The products are proprietary developments, for which I am also the owner of the patents and utility models. Thus, individual parts can not be copied! The system brings customers the following advantages (excerpt): - In this way, luminaires can be installed or changed more quickly in the future without additional renovation work, such as in rented apartments, hotels or restaurants. Just still study, two minutes later children's room. - The lamps in multi-flame luminaires can be disconnected or interconnected without any installation effort. … All products and the names are already protected. Since I would like to continue to dedicate myself to my previous activities, my washing is to have this system made in the form of licenses and then purchased from the licensee if necessary. Likewise, a complete sale of the patents and name rights (for a country, region or worldwide) is conceivable from my side. A pure (exclusive) distribution would also be possible, should no interest in a purchase of licenses or patents. Further information about the products can be provided upon request. You can also get further information for modules under development, after signing an NDA. Of course all interest will be strictly confidential!
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   Wolfgang Gerlach