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We are a Belgian company operating in Cameroon for the manufacturing of Edible oils.We produce Quality Refined Edible and Deodorized plant and vegetable seed oils. We manufacture both Crude and Refined of Sunflower oil,Soybean oil,,Palm oil,Rapeseed oil,Palm oil. We do sell at CIF and FOB competitive prices .Our packing is done in Pet Bottles of 1,2,3,5 Liter Bottles,Jerry Cans of 10-25Liter plastic and Tin Containers,we also packing in Flexi Tanks and Liter Drums. Our refined oils are fit for Human Consumption and certified by pre-shipment Inspection . We offer free samples to buyer to confirm quality.We look forward to long term trade ,and we have ready production capacity of 1300MT. And we are ready to hold contracts to 5years coffee beans Coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and is enjoyed by all cultures, possibly because it has a stimulating effect on humans because of its caffeine content. Coffee beans Coffee berries, which contain the coffee seeds, are produced by several species of small evergreen bush of the genus Coffea. The two most commonly grown are also the most highly regarded “Coffea arabica” and the hardier “Coffea canephora”. The high quality coffee that we are able to offer comes from two of the largest producers of coffee in the world – Cameroon. In the case of Cameroon directly through “the trade” own the product, in the case of Colombia through the coffee producers and exporters of that product. cocoa beans Cocoa, also called Cacao, is the dried and fully fermented fatty seed of Theobroma cacao tree, from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted. They are the basis of chocolate, and the word Theobroma translates to “Food of the Gods”. The origin of this product is Cameroon. We are able to offer this product in grain and powder. The dry powder is made by grinding the cocoa seeds and removing the cocoa butter from the dark, bitter cocoa solids. Soybean The soybeans we are able to offer originates from two of the largest producers of soybeans in the Soy bean is used in a variety of ways and is used by the humans and animals alike. Its oil is extracted and this is employed in making soy milk. Also much of the artificial ‘lookalike’ food is based on soy and in the years to come much more soy will be produced and consumed. world – Cameroon origin, who collectively produce around 45% of the world’s production or approximately 112,000,000 MT annually. wheat we can supply many kinds of beans ,such as kidney beans ,small red beans ,mung beans etc and wheat Rice Thai Hom Mali Rice Grade A (Crop 2009/10) Thai Hom Mali Rice Grade A (Crop 2010/11) Thai Hom Mali Brokern Rice A1 Super Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice White Rice 100% Grade B White Rice 5% White Rice 25% White Broken Rice A1 Super White glutinous Rice 10% Parboiled Rice Please contact me so we can set up a friendly relationship Thank you !! corn we are Cameroonian based company and can offer white and yellow corn both dry and fresh with animal we are ukraine based company and can offer white and yellow corn both dry and fresh with animal grade and food grade Product Description Colour: yellow, dried - Moisture: 14,5% max - Admixture: 1% max - Damaged kernel: 3.0% max - Broken seeds: 3% max - Other color seeds: 3% max - Free molding, chemicals and insects Packing: in PP bags or bulk. Min: 100 tons Contact with you full contact information if you are interested in our yellow corn.
   Emmanuel Rajoes
   refined sunflower oil
   Skype: infobusinessworld