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JiaDuo Industry, science and trade Co.Ltd

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   JiaDuo Industry, science and trade Co.Ltd


   haihe range Hebi city Henan province
   Building Materials
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JiaDuo Science, Industry and Trade Co. Ltd was founded in the January of 1986, and is a scientific joint-stock enterprise specializing in scientific research, manufacture marketing and service of plant protection instruments, and qualified as import and export enterprise in China . JiaDuo company successively has won many honors for many years such as Organization Credited by Consumers, Advanced Unit for Taxis Payment, High and New Technique Enterprise of Henan Province Appraised by Sci-Tech Bureau of Henan Province continuously for ten years, ”the National Outstanding organization of Forest Pest Control” By State Forestry Administration, P. R. China. in 2005. National Sci-Tech Progress Award Ⅱin the year of 2006 , Jiaduo Brand is appraised by Trademark Association and Industrial and Commercial Department of Henan Province as famous trademark of Henan province. And successfully held the " The national pest and crops, including international conference on work ", "Chinese rice disease and insect pest two moved conference", "international conference on crop pest monitoring and warning" national conference and "2006 years in the three provinces of central entomological society conference". Become the "China agricultural technology association, vice President of unit", "China entomological society standing director unit" and "China eppo learn to stand director unit". And succeed by the insects learn to 2007 to 2011 the annual national convention. JIADUO Company puts High and New Technique, Environmental Protection and Scientific Technique on the first place, and makes Scientific Technique to service farmers as its own responsibility, sparkplugs the concept of ecological plant protection and creates a harmonious living space as its aim. Jiaduo Company is specializing in the research, development and manufacture of agro-forestry diseases and insects remote monitoring system and physical pest control instrument. Jiaduo Company has also developed a series of advanced plant protection instruments and been conferred more than 30 patents like JiaDuo frequoscillation pest-killing lamp, JiaDuo intelligent pest forecast lamp, JiaDuo microclimate information gathering system, JiaDuo pest survey recording device, JiaDuo seed germinator, and JiaDuo Quantitative airborne spore catcher, etc. Pro Qiushibang, academician of Chinese academy of science (CAS), characterized the JiaDuo frequoscillation pest-killing lamp as an important progress in pest-trap control. And spoke highly of “the first light of pest physical control in China by the vice minister of Department of agriculture, Fanxiaojian. And spoke highly of “the first lamp of pest physical control by director of NATESC, Xiajingyuan. JiaDuo products have been enthusiastically extended with great effort by National Agri-tech Extension and Service Center (NATESC) and most crop and forestry protecting forces. JiaDuo frequoscillation pest-killing lamp owned Sci-Tech Progress Award of Henan Province in the year of 2005, Prof. Zhangguangxue, another academician of CAS, said the JiaDuo Company made tremendous contribution to our country’s eppo career. JIADUO microclimate information gathering system and JIADUO Agro-forestry ecological remote real-time monitoring system had won National Sci-Tech Progress award Ⅱ in the year of 2006 were listed as the product extended by National Agriculture Technique Center of Ministry of Agriculture in successive years, and applied in China by more than 95% counties. And has been exported to more than 12 countries, such as Germany, Australia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Malaysia etc. JiaDuo company use modern enterprise administration mode, formed the perfect technology development system, quality assurance system and market marketing management service system. realized the product high-quality, international marketing networked and service fully. JIADUO Company has occupied 287000㎡and includes 26 branch organizations and specialized branch companies such as Tangyin Industrial District, Hebi Industrial District, Service Center for Users, International Trade Company, Nonferrous Metal Processing center and Beijing Office etc at present. Jiaduo Company is developing towards a group. In its 20-year history of Science and Technique, Jiaduo Company has passed many milestones in Plant Protection Area.
   Cindy Lee

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