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Creating "double intelligence management system"-- Miele foods more nutritious and healthier and safer         In a market economy-oriented living conditions, faster and faster pace of life of people. In turn lost the nature of the rule, as a result the diet is unreasonable, trophic structure single. Long term and excessive intake of hydrogenated foods (fried fast food), and no time to exercise, and many other factors, led to large amounts of trans fat stored and stacked. Not only the weight increases every year, physical fitness is also on the wane, "three high" disorder, heart disease, diabetes, and more have appeared. In addition, endocrine disorders, genetic factors, such as after childbirth can lead to obesity. So, to build a smart nutritional management system and intelligent weight management system of safety and convenience foods, to raise people's physical fitness is of epoch-making significance.   Smart nutrition management system  Nutrition added: White skin and health of innocent lithe build needs to maintain the rich nutrition resources and rational nutrition structure. "Miele foods" containing 80 kinds of saponins, a flavonoid substances, polysaccharides, also contains lecithin, amino acids, vitamins, macro-and trace inorganic elements, such as active ingredients. 13 kinds of essential trace elements: iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, copper, nickel, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium, strontium, Silicon, boron, and so on. Also contains 5 species of human body required constant elements: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. With apparent anti-cancer activity of gynostemma elements 7 types: boron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc and copper, this may be the gynostemma pentaphyllum against one of the important reasons for a wide range of cancers, especially selenium, zinc, manganese, and other elements in the area of anti-cancer, cardiovascular protection, anti-aging has better effect. Zinc, manganese, selenium, molybdenum deficiency can cause cancer incidence increases of these trace elements on prevention and treatment of diseases with very good results. Also contains fat 1.19%, fiber 6.0%, sterols, organic acids, inorganic acids and chlorophyll, with a total volume 2.78Kcal/g. And rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin e, vitamin c, vitamin a-E collagen, class vitamin BT, carbohydrate, protein, fat, dietary fiber, citric acid, Malic acid, organic acid and hesperidin, naringin, Holy grass glycosides, flavone glycosides and coumarin class, Gu Zai alcohol, essential oil, and so on. The extraction of all these nutrients from the plant.        Health care function "Miele food" metabolism in cells can be produced to clear the toxins and waste and toxins accumulate in the body of impurities such as lead, mercury, heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, copper acid, uric acid, alcohol and other harmful substances which is out. The blood purity, let the nutrition of humans must be oxygen fully and effectively to your brain and body tissues and organs. Make the mind clear, flow, eliminate the dizziness and a sense of lethargy. "Beauty promise food" can promoting within fat of decomposition, while suppression body fat of synthesis, and will inert fat transformation for collagen nutrition base and water, more has regulation body heat balance of function, body of heat intake and consumption of balance regulation mechanism full formed Hou, body no extra heat of stacked, on does not then formed fat, from fundamentally reached weight loss of purpose, weight does not then rebound. "Miele foods" not only heart and liver skin, teeth care such as role also arising from taking steroids to the organ atrophy of prevent and repair. With activated cell and cancer prevention and anti-aging effect.     Smart weight management system Build architecture without proper nutrition and established a, "intelligent management system weight" to enhance human "four" namely: carrying capacity of metabolism and absorption power, healing, vitality. Especially upgrade liver, organ decomposition within ester mass of ability, fast decomposition food in the of fat and the sugar, blocking fat intake, and transformation and the formation, suppression human fat cell mast and large generated, while directed promoting fat cell to muscle cell transformation, mitigation human because obesity and brings of bad reaction, especially lipid partial high, and metabolism fell, and immunity fell, symptoms, quickly effective to reduction heavy, natural health of plastic body moments keep body of original health state.     Health Fitness is the last word   "Miele food" why it's more is that day and the night Ministry directed reduction remodeling. In use by "Miele food" after seven days, you will surprised to find, even sitting in your Office, your arm, big, fat with lower leg edible product increases significantly the number of days subsided, trimming of the bent leg type is also started automatically, you will find your legs gradually more slender, tall, charming! This is because "Miele foods" day focusing on nutrition body cells, improving basal metabolic capabilities, particularly enhancing organs such as liver decomposition Lactone mass capability, basal metabolic total energy metabolism of 70%. Basal metabolic capability and directed weight-loss capability. But what about the night, you not only sleep's sweet, and wake up, you will gradually find your fertilizer waist, pork belly (including abdominal fat) quietly eliminated, along with the continued use by "Miele foods", thin small waist, a lithe build gradually appear! This is because "Miele food" focused on sweet sleep state on cell repair and a lot of heat energy consumption, improve the regularity of self-discipline nerve with the Netherlands, Mongolia, thus improving metabolism, especially fat metabolism, so as to realize the sleep apnea lose weight, healthy weight loss.   Composition functions introduction Miele food formula, fully in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine combined with their prescription principles of modern health concepts and synthesis. Each taste components perform their respective duties, coordinated and perfect, can complement each other. To healthy and fast achieving fitness of purpose picked a prominent nutrition body sculpting element "l carnitine (class vitamin BT), collagen + vitamin c, citric and fruit powder, sweet gynostemma pentaphyllum extract , Xylitol, etc. Seemingly simple formula, in fact, there is extremely rich in nutrition and health, slimming body sculpting, beauty tender skin, deep connotation of the scientific safety.   carnitine is responsible for delivery of fat to muscle tissue burning and provides energy; in collaboration with other components complete the desired objectives.  Collagen + vitamin c- and l-carnitine " Synergies, not only to maximize the effectiveness of collagen (including body fitness function) and the enhanced beauty skin toning effect, more moisturizing, tight skin, antioxidant, cancer prevention and to increase and extend the catabolic processes; make the plastic more secure and faster.  Citric acid, once by the body after ingestion, it starts "the citric acid cycle" promote metabolism, to constantly convert body fat and purification, but also not easy to continue hoarding. At the same time both effectiveness of nutritional supplements, body purification and beauty.    Of gynostemma pentaphyllum is an natural treasure house of nutrition. Among the rich nutrition resources available for human things, suppression of free fatty acids in fat cells, and synthesis of neutral fats. And sucrose and prevent intestinal absorption of fat, prevent liver peroxidation in organizations. Inhibition of fat fine Cell free fatty alcohols and synthetic neutral fat, prevent glucose conversion function, so it is a fundamentally prevent the emergence of obesity, they will not bounce.  Xylitol to provide human energy, glycogen synthesis, decrease body fat and liver tissue protein consumption in, liver protection and repair, reducing another person harmful ketone body production. Simultaneous liver protection. All taste the same, with slimming fitness, skin care beauty, nutrition and health of practical value. But after taking effect is clear, safe without any side effects.                    Six characteristics State-certified food, safe: Miele food "was approved by the authority of the State certification, native plant extract, the nourishment is abundant, concentrated-plastic body, cosmetic essence tight skin, scientific, safe and effective. Qing supplement combination, to enhance the human body "four" metabolism and absorption power, healing force and vitality. Create perfect posture and attractive skin.  The six standard, uniform body sculpting: Meet the WHO principle of uniform fitness and Health Fitness food six standards, without diarrhea, anorexia, no fatigue, no hunger, no rebounding, (skin) does not let up. Nutrition systemic, metabolic fitness.  Practical values: , Tight Skin Whitening and anti-wrinkle repair, antioxidant, replenishment, purification,.  Effect is clear, is not easy to rally: Weight loss results day same, continue taking continuing reduction, has been reduced to the build you want; since then, just a week taking 1-2 Pack, they can stay slim figure and never rebound  Adapting a wide: Over 18 years old -60 age of both men and women can be consumed.  Tinfoil film packaging, the effectiveness of stability : Application of modern biological technology and anti-counterfeiting technology which covered, carrying, taking it easy.                Final exhortation "Miele foods" are a safety, nutrition fitness beauty foods, particularly description is: formulation of citric acid as food the best combustion supporting agent. Food digestion and absorption into the body cells are to become the eight kinds of organic acids (citric acid, Malic acid, succinic acid, and other five kinds of acids), dynamic organic acids produced by the citric acid cycle and is the source of life. At the time of the citric acid cycle will not ring true, there will be a Coke grape acid or lactic acid residues in the body, the blood is acidic, fatigue, shoulder pain, ignorant and so on. With l-carnitine on fat burning process, some less 10% the crowd after taking occur dizziness, limb weakness, dry mouth, heart rate accelerated, the occasional insomnia. If this happens, please stop the edible 1-2 day, remember that 30 minutes, and then remember to eat, even if don't want to eat, how much do you eat more. Citric acid and l-carnitine will accelerate rapidly burning body fat metabolism, massive consumption of heat, so if you heat energy can't keep, dizziness, weakness that is quite normal! Adapt over time, naturally eliminate the exclusion.    They say Forty or fifty years as possible to reduce the health and slim        Paragons of Miss Luo, this year, 46 years old, women of this age are often at the marriage of the second crisis, more attention to body and health, they hear that a safe weight loss products listed, always remember not to use the first time. Luo said: "I've weighed 158 pounds, clothes to increase code, excess fat mostly gathered in the abdomen, hips and thighs, make me look" stout ", would dream of barely 20 years old the previous build, so actively participated in various weight loss program and to go on a diet to enhance the effect, dewlap is never reduced. Accidentally of opportunities, with us Connaught food select has advocate security, science weight loss of "us Connaught food effect surprisingly of good, lumbar abdominal first thin down, then is back, before and after total reduction off has 34 kg, to now has half a year passed, slightest no rebound, skin than yiqian also smooth has, with daughter streets, many people always speculation I what is mother also is sister. Housewives like Ms WONG, there are old, there are small, they have always been famous for its reason, in the face of p plus come "Pai acids fat, science diet hurricane" crazy reason this time, she had a hand. "Face then beautiful, no a shapely slim of build also no, two years ago weight from originally of 105 kg suddenly soared to 155 kg, on because more has this dozens of kg meat, does not for original of posts, was original of units to dismissed has, for this, at home sad has for a long time, Qian segment time, heard side of many friends were are in edible us Connaught food, I also decided to to attempts to about, no thought, good luck from then on began has, first reduction off has 40 pounds of meat, wears clothes from three x , has turned to l , and later, and again got a good job, all this really unexpected! ”   打造“双重智能管理体系”—— 美诺食品更营养、更健康、更安全 在以市场经济为导向的生存条件下,人们的生活节奏越来越快。进而丧失了自然的生存法则,其结果是饮食结构不合理,营养结构单一。长期大量的进食氢化食品(煎炸快餐食物),以及无暇运动等诸多因素,导致大量反式脂肪的蓄存和堆积。不仅体重逐年增加,身体素质也同时每况愈下,什么“三高”症,心脏病、糖尿病等等相继出现。此外,产后内分泌失调、遗传因素等,都会导致肥胖。所以,打造一种智能营养管理体系和智能体重管理体系的安全方便食品,对提高全民的身体素质具有划时代意义。 智能营养管理体系 营养补充: 白皙稚嫩的肌肤和健康曼妙的身材需要维系丰富的营养资源及合理的营养结构。“美诺食品”含有80余种皂甙外,还含有黄酮类物质、多糖、磷脂、氨基酸、维生素、常量和微量无机元素等活性成分。 其中13种为人体必需微量元素:铁、锌、锰、铬、铜、钼、钴、硒、镍、钒、锶、硅、硼等。同时还含有5种人体必需的常量元素:钙、磷、钾、钠、镁等。含83种营养皂甙及24种无机营养元素 。 “美诺食品”还含有脂肪1.19%、纤维6.0%、甾醇、有机酸、无机酸及叶绿素等,总能量为2.78Kcal/g。并含有丰富的维生素B1、维生素B2、维生素B3、维生素E、维生素C、维生素a-E胶原蛋白、类维生素BT、碳水化合物、蛋白质、脂肪、膳食纤维、柠檬酸、苹果酸等有机酸和橙皮甙、柚皮甙、圣草次甙等黄酮甙及香豆精类、谷甾醇类、挥发油等物质。这些营养物质全部来自于植物的萃取。 保健作用 “美诺食品”可将细胞内因新陈代谢产生之毒素及废物予以清除并将体内积聚之杂质毒素如:铅、汞、重金属、辐射物、铜酸、农药、尿酸、酒精等对人体有害之物质排出体外。使血液纯净,让人体必须之营养氧气能完全有效到脑部及全身各组织器官。可使头脑清晰,思路敏捷,消除头昏及怠倦感 。 “美诺食品”能促进内脂肪的分解,同时抑制体内脂肪的合成,并将惰性脂肪转化为胶原营养基和水,更具有调节体内热量平衡的功能,体内的热量摄入和消耗的平衡调节机制完全形成后,体内没有多余热量的堆积,就不会再形成脂肪,从根本上达到减肥的目的,体重不会再反弹。“美诺食品”不仅对心、肝、皮肤、牙齿等具有保健作用,同时也对因长期服用类固醇而引起的器官萎缩起到预防和修复作用。又具有防癌及活化细胞和抗衰老作用。 智能体重管理体系 在建立起合理的营养体系架构前提下,又建立起了一个“体重智能管理体系”,全面提升人体“四力”即:代谢力、吸收力、自愈力、生命力。特别是提升肝脏等器官分解内酯质的能力,快速分解食物中的脂肪及糖类,阻断脂肪摄入、转化及形成,抑制人体脂肪细胞肥大与大量生成,同时定向促进脂肪细胞向肌肉细胞转化,缓解人体因为肥胖而带来的不良反应,特别是血脂偏高、代谢下降、免疫力下降等症状,迅速有效地减重,自然健康的塑身时刻保持身体的原生状态。 健康塑身是硬道理 “美诺食品”的独特之处更在于:白天及夜晚各部定向减重塑体。在食用“美诺食品”七天后,你会惊奇的发现,就算坐在你的办公室里,你的手臂、 大、小腿的多余脂肪随着食用产品天数的增加而开始明显消退,弯曲的腿型也开始自动的修整,你会发现你的双腿逐渐更加修长、挺拔、魅力四射!这是因为“美诺食品”白天注重营养全身细胞,全面提高基础代谢能力,特别是提升肝脏等器官分解内酯质的能力,基础代谢占总能量代谢的70%。基础代谢能力提升,定向减肥能力提升。而夜晚呢,你不仅睡的香甜,而且一觉醒来,你会渐渐发现你的肥腰、肚腩(包括腹部赘肉)悄悄的消除了,随着持续的食用“美诺食品”,纤纤细腰、曼妙身材渐渐显现了!这是因为“美诺食品” 注重在香甜的睡眠状态下对细胞修补和大量热能的消耗,提升自律神经与荷尔蒙的规律性,从而提升代谢能力,特别是脂肪代谢能力,进而实现睡眠减肥,健康减肥。 成分功效简介 在美诺食品的配方中,其组方原则完全是按照中医学原理结合现代健康理念而合成。每味成分各司其职,相互协调,珠联璧合,相得益彰。为了既健康及快速的达到塑身的目的,选用了著名的营养塑身元素“左旋肉碱(类维生素BT)、胶原蛋白+维生素C、柠檬酸及其果粉、甜味绞股蓝提取物 、木糖醇等。看似简单的配方,其实蕴藏着极其丰富的营养保健、纤体塑身、美容嫩肤、科学安全的深邃内涵。 左旋肉碱负责将脂肪运送到肌肉组织燃烧并提供能量;协同其他成分完成预期目标。 胶原蛋白+维生素C与左旋肉碱”协同作用,不仅能够将胶原蛋白的功效发挥到极致(包括纤体塑身功效)和强化美肤嫩白的效果,更能够保湿、紧肤,抗氧化、防癌及增加和延长分解代谢过程;使塑体更安全、更快捷。 柠檬酸一旦被人体摄取后,便会启动“柠檬酸循环”促进新陈代谢,使体脂肪不断得到转换和净化,同时也不易再续囤积。同时既有营养补充、人体净化及美容的功效。 绞股蓝是一种天然的营养宝库。除为人体提供丰富的营养资源外,尚可抑制脂肪细胞产生游离脂肪酸,同时合成中性脂肪。可阻止肠管对蔗糖和脂肪的 吸收,防止肝组织内过氧化作用。具有抑制脂肪细胞产生游离脂肪醇及合成中性脂肪,阻止葡萄糖转化的作用,所以它是从根本上避免了肥胖的产生,故不会反弹。 木糖醇为人体提供能量,合成糖元,减少脂肪和肝组织中的蛋白质的消耗,肝脏受到保护和修复,减少人体内有害酮体的产生。同时养肝护肝。诸味同用,具有纤体塑身、护肤美容、营养保健的实用价值。而且服食后效果明显,安全无任何副作用。