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Metopro Associates Limited

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   Metopro Associates Limited


   33 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
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We specialize in Registrations of : Limited Company Setup, Shelf Company, BVIs, RO, WFOE plus Notary Services and Apostille Stamping at times. Our constant update of your Company structural information makes it reliable and penalty-free. Our experience since 1997 gave us the insight into varying demands. We provide reliable and excellent professional services, drawing on knowledge and experience accumulated over the years by all the partners. As such, we gained further referrals from our satisfied clients. Setup a Private limited company in Hongkong for re-invoicing, make deposits, settle payments and all process can be done by internet. You may register a Hong Kong domain name website since your Company is a Hong Kong company. We tailor a company according to your requirements, such as proposed company name, the initial subscriber, and shareholders and directors; with multi-currency ebanking account application through our Banker. You can get the A/C No., safety device for internet banking, pin number of ebanking, pin number for phone banking, the ATM card when you are in Hong Kong. This arrangement is a favour to our overseas clienteles as soon as your limited company is under process. A flexible international integrated account for your everyday banking and a personal, secured and tax efficient way to manage your assets offshore. Home country commitments ~ maintain an account in your home country in order to manage regular commitments such as mortgage repayments, rent collection or paying school fees. Host country services ~ You will need an account in the local currency in the country where you're living for rent, utilities and shopping. Offshore banking is simply having a bank account in a location outside of your country of residence, usually in a low tax jurisdiction. As someone living abroad, offshore bank accounts and specialist services can help you manage multiple currencies across different countries. They can also be used to accumulate to grow and protect wealth in a potentially tax-efficient location. We have a range of services offered to the Corporate or Individual, all under one roof at reasonable price in a professional manner. The profits tax here was 16.5% and no VAT/ GST. The first tax filing will be on the 18th month since incorporation. No inheritance tax, capital gains tax or death duties. Property Tax is 15% of the net rent income earned from owning properties after deduction of 20% standard tax relief for renovation and expenditure. No tax deducted on interest earned. Interest on our offshore accounts is paid without the deduction of tax. And, there is no requirement for the minimum amount of paid-up capital under the Companies Ordinance. Tailor-made HongKong Limited Company : Filing of details of members, directors and company secretary, and registered office Application of the Certificate of Incorporation (CI) and Business Registration Certificate (BR) One register of members, directors and company secretary and minutes book (the green book) Share transfer documents and sales and purchases agreement (applicable to ready made company) 18 copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) Two perma stamps (for authorized signature) and one common seal (metal seal) All in one green box ready for transactions. If your Company bears both English and Chinese names, the common seal will state both. According to the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, all companies incorporated in Hong Kong must keep a record of its revenues, expenses and business transactions. The documents must be last audited by a certified accountant. Internet banking has become one of the value added services. With eBanking, you can allocate your finance anytime anywhere.
   Martinal Quan
   Principal Consultant

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