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XBOX 360 Thermostatic Fan For XBOX 360 console INSTRUCTIONS Instruction Manual for XBOX 360 Thermostatic Fan Thank you for purchasing the DOBE Thermostatic Fan for the Xbox 360 entertainment console. This product was designed to enhance the performance of your Xbox 360 by allowing your system to run cooler and more efficiently. Please read this manual to familiarize yourself with the installation and operation of this product. FEATURES New electronic device, designed for XBOX 360 according to its performance environment and temperature. Reduces the temperature of your Xbox 360 to improve performance and minimize wear. Installed this products to your XBOX 360, slide the ON/OFF switch to “Auto” position, The fan will auto start run when the temperature of the console rise to 41 degrees. Two quiet yet powerful fans increase system airflow, keeping the console cool, even in confined spaces such as entertainment centers. The Thermostatic Fan will auto stop run when the temperature of the console below 41 degrees. So it can improve performance and minimize wear of your xbox 360. Extends Life of Your 360 console. Slide the ON/OFF switch to “Manual” position. The Fan will run at all times. The fan is out of controlling by the temperature of your console. 1.Designed to support both vertical and horizontal orientation 2.High-Efficiency Snop-on Cooling Device Compact design Easy to install and remove Strategically designed to assist the Xbox360’s built in heat management system. INSTALLATION REMOVAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE Please review the following guidelines to ensure optimal performance from the thermostatic fan. Do not expose the thermostatic fan to extreme conditions, including direct sunlight or excessive heat or humidity. Keep your Xbox 360 and intercooler away from liquids. If cleaning is necessary, use a dry cloth to clean the affected area. Never use chemicals. When not in use, simply turn the thermostatic fan OFF. Avoid repeated removal and attachment of this device. Do not modify, alter, or tamper with this device as this voids the warranty and can be dangerous. TROUBLESHOOTING Make sure that the power switch on the thermostatic fan is set to the “Auto” position. Ensure that the Xbox 360’s power cord is properly attached to the power port on the back of the thermostatic fan. Make sure that the intercooler is properly attached to your console, and there are no noticeable gaps between the Xbox 360 and the thermostatic fan. TECHNICAL SUPPORT We appreciate your support of our products, and endeavor to guarantee your satisfaction with this purchase. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us: High-Efficiency Snop-on Cooling Device Features: Auto control fan work and off by temperature of your XBOX 360 console. Powered by XBOX 360 console, no extra AC adaptor needed. Snap-on assembly for easy installation, no tools required. Increases air flow and reduces heat throughout the XBOX 360. Improved protection for internal circuitry. Enhanced performance for your XBOX360. Cooler Temperatures mean extended life and reliability. Fits in entertainment centers with the console in either the horizontal or vertical position. Can auto or manual control fan working. Reduces Heat Improves Performance Powered by Xbox360 Extends Life of Your 360! Easy 1 step Installation!
   Yuyuanxin Electronic(HK) Corporation Limited
   Brian Liu

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