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toothpaste tube/laminated tubes/ABL/PBL tube

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 11:37
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   toothpaste tube/laminated tubes/ABL/PBL tube
   toothpaste tube/laminated tubes/ABL/PBL tube
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I am Ms. MANDY from SUNWAY INDUSTRY in China , which is a complex enterprise, integrating research, development, design, manufacturer and trade. We export to more than 100 countries and area. hope to cooperate with your esteemed company. In our company, main products are as follows: 1. Toothpaste/ointment Production Line Including Toothpaste/ointment tube making machine, automatic /semi-automatic shoulder injection machine, automatic tube capping machines,Vacuum Paste Making Machine, Filling & sealing machine, Conveyer and So on. 2. Toothpaste Material, Toothpaste Tube 3. Toothpaste Formula, Cosmetic Formula (Free supply together with Machine) 4. Cosmetic Production Line Including Vacuum Homogenizing Machine, Filling & sealing machine, PE plastic tube 5. Aluminum-plastic laminated tube(MOQ:50000 pcs), such as toothpaste tube, body lotion tube ,ointment tube, hair colorings tube, shoe polish tube, glue tube, adhesive tube. 6. PE extrusion tube making line, 7. We can supply you the Layout of plant, workers qty, capacity ,power etc.(for free ) If you have such kind of interesting someday, kindly feel free to contact me. I can give you very good price, and also I welcome you to be my agent in your country’s market of our machines. If you have interesting, pls let me know. Please keep my email in your email box. Maybe someday it can be workable. I hope we can cooperate in near future. Welcome to Shanghai to visit our factory! We expect your prompt reply. Tks &B.RGDS!
   Shanghai Sunway Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
   +86 18930822138

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